Indicator 4b.

Design, develop, and implement technology- rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment

When the school implements technology-rich professional learning programs, the adult learning principles need to be considered as the guideline to make sure teachers can get engaged to be positive learners while transferring traditional teaching methods to the technology-rich teaching method.

In one of my blogs on PD Design, I explained each item of the principles of adult learning in detail and what we can do considering the principles in professional learning programs. I brought up personalized professional learning which can provide more agency to teachers to have the PD driven by explicit goals; Online professional learning which can provide teachers different content to have teachers to choose the relevancy to meet their needs; Pineapple Chart which can encourage teachers to step out classrooms to observe peer’s new teaching strategies implementation and provide quality feedback. Teachers will get motivated when they collaborate with peers and practice new strategies rather than sit and receive. Click here for more information of Personalized PD.

In my blog on PLN (professional learning network), I explained the power of collaborative informal PD. Considering the principles of adult learning, teachers will get empowered through PLNs that they can hold the ownership of PD to seek helpful resources and collaboration met individual needs and interests related to teaching and learning rather than being a passive receiver. For more detail about PLN, please check this blog: Collaborator – for Educators