Indicator 4a.

Conduct needs assessments to inform the content and delivery of technology-related professional learning programs that result in a positive impact on student learning

When teachers try to leverage technology to enrich teaching aimed to increase positive impacts on student learning, they will have diverse needs within different learning goals. As the EdTech person, it is important to plan and implement technology-related professional learning programs to support teachers to meet the specific need and enhance student learning. Conducting needs assessments can help EdTech person to deepen understand teachers’ readiness and what they are interested in and what personalized supports can help them to improve teaching and learning. A needs assessment can be conducted multiple times in one professional learning program to help EdTech person to adjust content and delivery for different stages

In the EDTC6106, I had an opportunity to conduct a needs assessment for a Conservatory of Music on the future’s technology-related professional learning programs. I conducted a survey with questions on teachers’ readiness, preferences, what content can help in teaching and learning, and their expectations and concerns. With the result of the needs assessment, we can see a clear direction for technology-related PD which can meet teachers’ needs and interests to increase their motivation and positive attitude on future PD. Please click this link for more details of Needs Assessment Project.

In my blog about Personalized Professional Development, I explained the best practices for personalized PD. One is pre-assessment that can help to identify teachers’ readiness, assess needs, and gauge current knowledge and skills. The pre-assessment can be conducted by survey and interview which is important for professional learning program preparation.
The other one is embedded assessment that can measure where teachers are while professional learning program is in process and what the improvement needs to be addressed to meet diverse needs. Please click this link for the blog about Personalized Professional Development