Indicator 2f.

Coach teachers in and model incorporation of research-based best practices in instructional design when planning technology-enhanced learning experiences

When teachers pilot the 1:1 laptop program and BYOD initiate in my school, as the EdTech person, we model and coach teachers in instructional design using SAMR to guide teachers towards effectively infusing technology into their classes. SAMR has four categories to help teachers to identify the impacts and goals of technology they selected for the class.  Some of the teachers had a misunderstanding of SAMR and tried hard to reach the Redefinition level.

In my blog: Deep Understanding of SAMR Model, I explained four categories of the SAMR model and each category has its own effect within equal weight. And I suggested in this blog that teachers can use SAMR with Bloom’s Taxonomy to integrate technology to develop student’s specific cognition in learning. I brought up a new structure of the SAMR model (Hamlin Tech Team) in this blog, which can guide teachers to use technology mindfully and wisely to design the best practice using appropriate technology to enhance student learning as the goal.

For more detail, please check my blog post:

-EDTC6105: Deep Understanding of SAMR Model