Indicator 2a.

Coach teachers in and model design and implementation of technology-enhanced learning experiences addressing content standards and student technology standards

I had one opportunity to coach a maker space teacher in a public high school to design and implement a technology-enhanced lesson to meet the new technology standards and address content standards. In the peer coaching project, I practiced the essential coaching skills to have a deeper understanding of the teacher’s needs and we co-planned a lesson to address the standards and content learning goals. In this project, I modeled the teacher how to leverage appropriate technology tools and re-design the lesson to enhance student learning experience using Learning Design Matrix. We designed new learning activities using collaborative digital tools to increase opportunities for sharing ideas and learning reflections between students. And used the digital platform as the tool to have students demonstrate their learning outcomes. In this lesson, we addressed content standards and student technology standards and used technology as a supportive tool to enrich students learning experience. When the teacher implemented the technology-enhanced lesson, he told me students were excited and engaged.
I think it is important to coach and model teachers to leverage technology purposely and effectively to meet learning goals and standards in class. Technology can enrich student learning experience depending on how teachers use it. Teachers will feel confident when they clear why they use specific technology in a class to meet standards.

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-EDTC6105: Peer Coaching Project