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I was a student at University from 2004-2008 in Educational Technology undergraduate program. That was the first year and first university that opened this primary in my city. And only 4 or 5 universities in China had EdTech both in undergraduate and graduate program. I learned lots of Education theories, computer sciences, and technology which can support teaching and learning, but no practice in reality.

I have been working in an international school after graduated. I did hardware and software support for staff for one year but never done anything related to instruction until a professional EdTech coach came to our department. Then we started 1:1 computer program, in which students will use laptops for enhancing learning, and teachers had to use technology to teach. After this program began, there are more and more teachers focus on Educational Technology which can give them ideas to involve technology to get the main goals and promote engagement. I realized the importance of technology integration in classrooms in 21 century.

How to use technology in the classroom effectively, how to integrate technology with teaching subjects perfectly, how to get more positive engagement, how to help teachers to get through this transformation, how to use technology effectively for assessing students learning and addressing the different needs to enhance learning. These questions are making me explore and search further on Educational technology. I want to get more knowledge to meet the requirements. I choose the Master of Education in Digital Education Leadership to be my further steps on EdTech. This blog also will serve as evidence of competency while I am learning through this program.

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