Indicator 5c.

Model and promote diversity, cultural understanding, and global awareness by using digital age communication and collaboration tools to interact locally and globally with students, peers, parents, and the larger community

As an educator in an international school, I was facing a diversity of students in my classroom. Students were too shy to communicate with peers who spoken different languages and had different cultures. I did many types of research on how to promote cultural understanding and global awareness by using digital communication and collaboration tools. Digital tools can increase the opportunities for communication and collaboration to build student’s confidence, trust, and empathy to learn from each other locally and globally.

In my blog: Creative Communicator & Global Collaborator, I explained how to leverage educational technology to promote students’ understanding of cultures and diversity. I brought up several digital tools and learning activities such as Bird Tales, Shadow Puppet for digital storytelling, Google Docs, Blog, Forum for teamwork. These digital tools can pave the way to scaffold students to get through challenges and obstacles when they communicate and collaborate with peers in person.

Students can utilize digital tools to have positive communication and collaboration with peers locally and globally to deepen their understanding and awareness of diversity and become global learners who can learn from various perspectives in the digital world.

For more information please check this blog: Creative Communicator & Global Collaborator