Indicator 4c.

Evaluate results of professional learning programs to determine the effectiveness on deepening teacher content knowledge, improving teacher pedagogical skills and/or increasing student learning

In the coursework of my Master’s Degree in the DEL program, I had an opportunity to be a coach for a maker space teacher in a public school. During this program, we co-designed and improved one unit to be technology-rich aimed to increase student engagement and enrich the student learning experience. In this program, I modeled the teacher how to integrate technology to empower students to construct knowledge through collaborative and authentic learning. So for the professional learning program, evaluation played an important role to deepen the teacher’s understanding that why and how to use appropriate technology as a supportive tool to enhance student learning and how to improve pedagogical skills to leverage technology to enrich teaching and learning experience. 

After this professional learning program, I compared the learning activities he had before with the ones we re-designed and I used SAMR and Bloom’s to evaluate the peer coaching program as the guideline for the future technology integration. With the rubric of evaluation, the teacher can understand what, why, and how the technology tools taking effect on improving student cognition levels for content knowledge they learned. The evaluation also can deepen the teacher’s mindset that integrating technology with new pedagogy will pave the path for the 21st century’s education.

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