Indicator 3e.&3f.

Troubleshoot basic software, hardware, and connectivity problems common in digital learning environments

Collaborate with teachers and administrators to select and evaluate digital tools and resources that enhance teaching and learning and are compatible with the school technology infrastructure

I had an opportunity to interview a school’s IT director to understand what they did and what they are doing for building a digital learning environment to support the 1:1 computer program. From IT’s perspective, they considered a lot from infrastructure to create a safe and supportive digital environment for the school. As the EdTech person in the school, I always have a tight connection with our IT to troubleshoot software and hardware problems before implementing them into classrooms. They built up a school secure network with VPN ability, and a school surveillance system to support the 1:1 computer program. And they provide good services to troubleshoot classroom equipment problems to support EdTech people to integrate new digital tools. As the EdTech person, collaboration with the IT department to evaluate digital tools and find the best way to make it work is essential for the best practice of technology integration which can provide teachers a good experience using technology in class to raise their confidence.

In my blog: Digital Age Learning Environments, I explained how to collaborate with teachers to select digital tools considering four essential facets: understanding, communication, collaboration, and creating to enhance student learning as the goal. The EdTech person needs to fill in every step of technology integration to help teachers to evaluate digital tools and resources and collaborate with the school’s IT department to facilitate technical issues to have the digital tools work consistently. I listed several questions to guide teachers to select and evaluate digital tools and resources they want to integrate into classes.

For more details, please check my blog post:

-EDTC6104: Digital Age Learning Environments