EDTC6104 ISTE-3 Digital Age Learning Evironments

Effective Home-School Communication & Effective Peer-Peer Collaboration

Technology coaches create and support effective digital age learning environments to maximize the learning of all students.

3e – Troubleshoot basic software, hardware, and connectivity problems common in digital learning environments
3g – Use digital communication and collaboration tools to communicate locally and globally with students, parents, peers, and the larger community

Inquiry Question:
What digital tools can support teachers to communicate with parents effectively?
What digital tools can support teachers to collaborate and communicate with peers?

Parent-Teacher Communication–Keep Parents In the Loop with School Learning Activities

Effective communication is essential between parents and educators for helping student learning.  In the digital world, It is a challenging task for teachers to choose the right communication tool to fit different groups of parent preference. It also overwhelmed teachers to get immersed in emails and phone calls from parents to ask about their children’s information while dealing with the full-scheduled work every day. The informative and in-time home-school communication will create a positive loop in which teachers can take more time and energy to focus on classroom learning, and parents can help their kids at home purposely. The more supportive information teachers provide, the fewer questions and concern parents will have. The positive loop will promote student learning and help them to succeed.

Retrieved from SpeakUp Research

In this survey, we can see that the most effective tools for parent communication and engagement are email and text messages. Moreover, there are no differences in parents’ interest in using text messages for communications by demographics or grade of a child in school. This result shows that parents prefer safe, immediate, and informative communications with teachers.

Remind-Provide Safe Mode Communication Between Parents and Teachers

Group set/ Private set Message

After setting up a specific class, Remind will provide default groups (teachers, parents, and students). Teachers can send messages to all parents/ all students /all teachers or the group created by different needs. Also, teachers can have private communication with one parent.

Set Time for Receiving and Sending Messages

Teachers can set work time for receiving messages within which teachers will not get interrupted from messages in personal time. Also, teachers can set a schedule to send a specific message out during the class time.

Productive Learning Evidence

Remind supports various file formats to be learning evidence for sharing with parents. Pictures, videos, or document will be productive and informative for parents to know almost everything they concern in school.

Available from Web and App

Remind is available from the website: remind.comand also can be used as the app on the mobile devices, which is handy and flexible.

 Translation feature

Remind provides translation for messages which is a crucial feature for teachers to communicate with parents whose prefer language is not English. 

Create A Thriving Digital Community From Peer-peer Communication 

Teachers always get significant influence on the profession from peers more than any other ways. “one-size-fits-all” approach of PD cannot satisfy teachers growth and different needs. Digital communities can help teachers to share experiences with peers and break the isolation to seek collaboration to enhance student engagement in learning. Edmodo is a powerful platform which can be used as a digital community for teachers locally and globally. Teachers can have a discussion and sharing resources through groups and small groups and also can communicate in time from the message. More details are provided in this blog:
Edmodo for Collaboration


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3 thoughts on “Effective Home-School Communication & Effective Peer-Peer Collaboration”

  1. I am so excited to look into Remind after reading your post! It is especially exciting to see all the file formats that support Remind so that teachers have one place to tap into all these great resources. Also, that you can set boundaries for taking a break from communication during personal time so educators don’t get burned out from too much communication at all times. Your point about choosing the right tool to fit with so many different types of parents hits home but this platform seems to have an ease that most, if not all, will find helpful! Thank you for sharing this resource, Helen!

  2. You make a great point that teachers get the most useful influence from peers. If administrators understood this point, professional development would be more about getting faculty to connect with one another than broadcasting a lecture. My institution is quickly approaching the beginning of the fall term, and I just received a schedule of the faculty instruction pre-week. The program only includes presentations from administrators to faculty, with no time to allowed for peer interactions. I am hoping to get a few of my peer instructors to find a conference room, and use this time to share experiences. It would be far more convenient if the schedule included time slots for faculty interactions.

  3. Helen,
    In my classroom parent communication is one of my most important elements to cover when starting off the school year. Building a bond with parents and keeping them engaged and active in their child’s learning provides so much ease when it comes time for parent-teacher conferences or simply when a problem arises in the classroom. With a strong bond you earn the parents trust which ends up leading to a respect for one another as a parent and as a teacher. In my classroom I have used the remind app before and noticed such a huge improvement in my relationships with parents! Other teachers at my school have already began asking if I can help them learn how to use the remind app as well which I am overjoyed to help! Thank you for sharing your experience and your research!

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